Chimney Repair or Rebuild?

Residential chimneys are essential to maintain warmth in your home. They are also essential to maintain the air quality in your home and provide proper ventilation. However, many people overlook the damages in their chimneys until it becomes a safety hazard. Keeping your chimneys in good condition reduces accidents and also prevents future costs. If you have never inspected your chimney, you may not know what you need. Either a residential chimney repair Mississauga or chimney rebuilds.

Should I Repair my Chimney or Rebuild?

After reading this blog, you will be able to figure out if you need a professional chimney or rebuild. You can do minor repairs on your own to save some cost for chimney repair But it is always better to call an expert chimney cleaning company near me for repair and service in your locality. They understand all the structural aspects of a chimney, making it easy for them to do a good job. Now let’s move on to the main section of our blog.

7 signs that indicate you need a chimney repair or rebuild

Even if you do not have the following signs in your chimney, it is better to perform annual checks.

  1. Efflorescence

You can also call this seemingly harmless issue white bricks. Bricks and other masonry products attract moisture due to weather conditions. When water molecules evaporate, they tend to leave the minerals on the surface of the chimney wall. You can use a simple cloth to wash away the white deposits. However, the damage made to the mortar and bricks is not very easy to fix.

In this case, experts perform a residential chimney rebuild operation. It may be partial rebuilding or an extensive one depending on the degree of damage.

  1. Crown Damage

The chimney’s crown is a small part that protects your chimney from significant weather effects. There are many reasons why crown damage occurs. The common reason is prolonged wear and tear without maintenance or extreme weather.

Once the chimney’s crown suffers damage, you must be quick to fix it. Otherwise, your chimney is open to all the moisture without a defence. If the damage is relatively old, you must opt for a chimney rebuild. While recent damage only calls for a repair.

  1. Fragmented Bricks

This is a common occurrence in chimneys. The main reason behind this is the years of exposure to moisture. The moisture inside the bricks freezes and thaws constantly. Thus leading to the failure in its internal strength.

This leads to fragmentation from the inside out. Sometimes, the same happens to the mortar surrounding the bricks. It leads to entire bricks or sections falling off from the chimney. It can lead to life-threatening accidents, to say the least.

Most homeowners only opt for residential chimney repair masonry by fixing the few bricks that show damage. But, professionals often recommend a chimney rebuild because filling the gaps is a tedious process. Also, there is no assurance that the other bricks will stay there for longer.

Repair chimney stucco over new flashing

  1. Hairline Cracks

Like any brick wall, the chimney is also susceptible to fractures. Not very common, but prevalent after long years of service. If you spot a hairline fracture, it is time to rebuild your chimney. There is no better option.

Even smaller cracks pose a great danger to the entire structure. Repairing the chimney will only postpone the ultimate failure. Some recent safety regulations also call for a chimney rebuild if they pose an imminent threat to the inhabitants.

  1. Shaling Flue Tiles

The flue lining is the tube inside your chimney responsible for maintaining the airflow. The outer brick layer protects it from environmental conditions.

However, occasionally water manages to seep in between the brick and the flue line. This water accumulation leads to the formation of shaling. It is a rock formation made of clay, mud, and other dust particles. It leads to flue tiles falling off from the inner surface.

This kind of damage is easily visible as the tiles fall into the fireplace. You shouldn’t waste more time repairing your chimney once you notice this. You must contact your nearby chimney cleaning sweep and repair service to rebuild the entire structure.

  1. Rusty Damper

Dampers are an essential part of your chimney. But there is a high chance of dampers getting rusted by the intrusion of water or moisture. Rusty dampers can cause serious infections if they cut you while cleaning the chimney.

It is always better to call HVAC professionals for help. They can check whether your damper needs repair or replacement. Since rust won’t go away, most experts suggest replacing the dampers. Moreover, it helps you maintain the health of your flue lines as well.

  1. Chimney Leaks

As we have established, water is a big threat to your chimney. In this case, these leaks can cause damage to the wooden floors inside your home. A damaged crown or defective cap is the reason behind the leak.

The majority of water leaks end up as a threat to the entire structure of your house. Hence, calling professionals companies like Best-Stucco for a chimney repairman near me is the smart choice you could make.

Tips to maintain your residential chimney

You can follow the tips mentioned below to minimize the damage to your chimneys and make them last longer.

  1. Keep your chimney cover in place.
  2. Make the outer part of your chimney waterproof by using sealants.
  3. Clean the tile liners to prevent the formation of grease.
  4. Free your chimney of debris with a regular chimney sweep.


Constant inspection of your chimney can even prevent the need for chimney rebuild operations. So, opt for an annual chimney cleaning, sweep, and repair to avoid future costs. It also keeps your home safe and warm.

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