Must-Have Items for Your Emergency Car Kit

Prepare an car emergency kit and keep inside vehicle

When emergencies knock, the time to make arrangements is passed. While there are various auto mechanics near me, you can contact but at times you may get stuck in the middle of nowhere, and you may not get any way to reach out to an auto mechanic shop, it is good to keep an emergency car kit items in your auto.

Car malfunction is something most car owners and drivers will experience while on the road. Even if your auto appears to be in a proper state, mechanical issues can occur at any time. Having an emergency kit in your car can be of great help to resolve sudden roadside breakdowns, especially when you are in an area where it is hard to get a professional auto mechanic near you.

Must-Have Car Emergency Items You Should Keep in Your Vehicle

You can quickly get a ready-made kit, but it is advisable to assemble it on your own. Here is a suggested list that suggested keeping essential things for an emergency car kit whenever you are on a long drive.

First Aid Box

You can get a ready-made first aid kit or can assemble yourself. Make sure gauze, an antibiotic cream, a pain reliever, hand sanitizer, allergy medicine, cotton swabs, and bandages in different sizes are there in the box. You can also consider having some medications, heating pad, thermometer, etc. to be more prepared.


Far all SmartPhones, nowadays, have a flashlight source, but it can drain your battery. It is always good to have sufficient power in your phone when an emergency occurs. A heavy-duty torch can help you look under the hood and make you less scary if you are stuck in the night time. Also, keep some extra batteries for the flashlight.

Spare Tire

The most crucial thing to have; a spare tire. Best of all is to know about installing the tire. You might need to replace your flat tire during the trip, so other things you should have are a wrench, a pipe, and a jack to remove the tire and replace the new one.

Stock Your Car’s Winter Emergency Kit

Tool Kit

Lucky if you get stuck near a gas station or auto repair shop North York. But what if your car breaks down in an area when you fail to achieve any help? Consider having a basic tool kit inclusive with a tire gauge, pliers, car oil, duct tape, brake fluid, screwdrivers, pocket knife, and antifreeze. Based on the climatic requirements of the area you stay or are traveling to, you can also include foam tire sealant, ice scraper, and collapsible shovel.

Reflective Flares

Imagine you are out with your family and your car stop functioning at a busy highway, or a blind curve, or a crowded intersection. These are not the right places to stop. Albeit you manage to pull your car over a road-side and turn the emergency blinders on, it can still be difficult for other drivers to notice. Red or orange reflective flairs can be helpful to make others see you.

Jumper Cables

You can give the dead batteries in your car a start by supplying it power from another person’s car. Following the instructions precisely join the cables to the positive and negative battery terminals of another car battery and cut the bother down within merely 15 minutes.

Fire Extinguisher

Many people take this tool as an additional investment. A fire extinguisher can help you prevent severe accidental fires on the road. You can buy this tool at an affordable price from a local hardware store. While buying, make sure that it is not water-based. A water-based fire extinguisher is likely to be riskier since it can cause more damage to your car.

Disposable Hand Gloves

Should you need to attend an injured person on the way, a pair of disposable hand gloves can keep things hygienic. Also, while handling heavy-duty work, gloves can protect your hands for chemicals and smoking materials.

Warm Apparel

If you live or are travelling in a colder area, warm clothing can be a lifesaver when your car stops functioning with a nonoperational heater. Store blankets, thermal sleeping bags, sweatshirts, etc. in your vehicle. You can also use your blanket as a window shade or makeshift trap when required.


Water is the most vital essentiality of our life. You can do far more than satisfying your thirst. You can clean oil from your clothes or pour it in the radiator when the car overheats. So, keep some water bottles in the trunk.

Paper Wipes

Any mechanical work can be messy. However, paper wipes precisely are handy when you need to wipe your hands, clean up spills, or absorb liquid.

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Ready-to-Eat Meals

The time you might need to spend waiting for a tow truck or till your car is repaired can be even worse with a growling stomach. Store some edible items that don’t need refrigeration – like some chocolate bars, nuts, cereals, dried fruits, etc.

The prime necessity when driving should be staying safe; the preventative measures to take starts with some essential preparation and the kits critical to invest in. The ideal step to take is to find a good auto mechanic shop, but at times you may not get any help. Keeping some essential tool kits are an excellent investment to make, not an expense.

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