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How To Select Knobs Or Pulls For Your Kitchen Cabinet?

Best Knobs & Pulls for Kitchen Cabinet

Pulls or knobs are the primary things to consider when creating new or redoing the existing storage closets for a kitchen cabinet. So how can you pick the ideal option? Well, selecting knobs or pulls for a kitchen cabinet is simple to think about, but if you expect long-term satisfaction, then there are loads of elements to consider.

Choosing The Right Pulls Or Knobs For Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to the ideal kitchen cabinet solution, excellence and function are the two key reasons people consider knobs.

Kitchens can swiftly get cluttered every day. Preventing the mess from getting stuck on your cabinet surface is a crucial step to take and also to enhance its longevity.

Knobs and pulls protect your cabinet finish by preventing oil or dust from shifting from your fingers to the cabinet fronts.

Besides, you will need them to open and close drawers and closet doors, especially if you have a full-overlay or frame-less cabinet. Your palms and fingers might not be appropriate for cabinet operations.

There are many knobs or pull styles and finishes available that can enhance the scheme of your kitchen. So what is the right way to make an informed selection?

Whether you are building a new kitchen or redoing the existing one, prefer to buy accessories last. To get the ideal storage closets for the kitchen, follow these tips after selecting all the required materials. These are the kitchen cabinet hardware options to take into consideration for your kitchen project.


Comfort is the most crucial element to consider when deciding the ideal design and style for your kitchen cabinets. Indeed, it should be your prime consideration.

Door Knobs

Now since you are on the lookout for a knob or handles style and design that ideally fits the kitchen design, try out as many options as possible.

Ask yourself these questions before choosing any specific knob:

  • Will the pulls or knobs fit my hands? Is the size convenient?
  • Are the knob edges awkwardly sharp? Should I instead look for something sleek and smooth, plus curved or square? Remember, you will be using the hardware multiple times each day while performing the kitchen tasks.
  • Do the knobs lie far enough from the cabinet so that I can easily slip my fingers underneath them? – If you like pulls.

Consider these questions while buying the knobs or pulls for your kitchen closet so that your selection doesn’t turn out to be a hassle to use.


Once you choose the ideal type of hardware you find comfortable to use, it is time to start looking for the cabinetry shapes. Generally speaking, the knob and pull style and design should match the cabinet style.

Door Pulls

For instance, if you single out a simple cabinet design with a shaker or flat newfangled doors, then you should look for square, simple hardware – perhaps like a brass bar knob or pull or something similar.

Besides, doors with knotty and curving trim or recessed panels will often work nicely with far more elaborate hardware styles.

Colour and Finish

There are many ways to walk on when selecting the perfect color and finish. To the first thought, choose the color and finish of your kitchen cabinet knobs based on the kitchen’s faucet. Considering that most faucets or taps are either brass or silver in color, this advice to match knobs with the faucet can be limiting. Mainly when you set your heart on stone knobs or some other finish that’s not commonly found in faucet design.

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Look at the number of other elements in your kitchen if you do not wish to match the knobs with your faucet. Like antiqued metal or satin back knobs or pulls could fit the space if you have a black stone countertop.

Instead, match the color and finish with the cabinets themselves. Get dark hardware to coincide with dark wood or light hardware to give the dark cabinets a contrasting look. Select more rustic finishes, such as hammered metal traditional cabinetry, or you can also have a sleek brushed alloy to get a more contemporary look.


Most pulls and knobs are affordably available. But, some specific numbers may quickly add up the cost. If you have a standard lower kitchen cabinet with two doors and a single drawer, you will require three hardware pieces, whereas, for your upper cabinet fitting, you will need two more handles. Taking this into account, here are some essential factors to consider.


A simple pull or knob in a plain material such as porcelain will be more economical. The cost may increase based on the designs and finishes, including the materials you use.

Knobs are usually more affordable than pulls by one or two bucks. If you want to have pulls but want to save a little bit of $s, consider having the matching knob style to merge hardware types and maintain the consistency of the hardware style.

Bonus Tips

Be very careful of dust and crumbs settling down in drawer channels. If a single push opens the cabinet doors and drawers, you don’t need to have a recessed lip. Choosing suitable hardware is a complex task, but keeping these factors in mind, you will narrow down the selection and get the perfect knob for your kitchen closet storage.

There isn’t any limit to the options of kitchen cabinets Mississauga hardware available with ClosetStudio. Colours, finishes, and styles all influence the general appearance of your kitchen space. However, choosing one particular knob or pull out of numerous options is a little daunting but can be a great deal of fun.

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