Best email subject lines for your campaign success

As a marketer, you know your email subject lines communicate your email value to the recipient and entice them to open and read further. It’s significant to know how to write email subject lines that get desired results from your email campaign.

I hope you have a solid prospect list built, and if not, you may first develop your prospect list and then get back to this article.

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Now, let us look at ways to write email subject lines;

Send emails on time.

Giving your prospects the information they need when they need it could boost the email open rate & click-through rate and eventually increase your email marketing success rate.

Send location-specific content in your email.

When you share location-specific information with your prospects, they will realize that you are paying attention to their interest, demography, etc.

Mostly, people would be highly interested to know about the event in their location.

For instance,

“Where to eat right now in Melbourne.”

For people currently in Melbourne, this email is going to be highly relevant and valuable. This subject line is going to get a considerable email open rate.

Hence when you mention the location name in your subject line, it would grab the attention of prospects interested in that location and entice them to open the email.

Use numbers in the email

It is noted that numbers speak more emphatic than words since they make any information quick, authentic, and easy to digest.

Here is an example;

“How John Made ₹8 Lakhs with his new marketing strategy.”

This subject line will surely entice prospects who wish to earn money with the right strategy.

It also gives a hint about the success story of the customer “John.”

Make use of targeted subject lines.

With segmented email campaigns, you would be able to achieve more revenue than from unsegmented ones.

You could segment your audience based on their employment, geographical location, industry, gender, age, hobbies, buying habits, etc.

For example, if one segment of your audience is interested in investment but not happy with the commissions they have to pay, then the below email subject line is definitely for them;

“For investors who hate paying commissions.”

This subject line is sure to pique the curiosity of your target audience and improve the email open rates.

When you have an excellent tracking system in place, you have insights into every customer’s journey in the sales funnel.

With this information, you could even send them an email with subject lines as below;

“It’s your 3rd dining in with us this month; impressive!”

When you can reach out to your customers with highly relevant and personalized content, it will catch their attention immediately.

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

The fear of missing out is a great way to get subscribers to open your newsletter.

“Two can dine for 20$, This weekend only!”

The more urgency you create with your subject line, the more likely your prospects will open your email and see what you have in store for them.

But, ensure that you deliver them what your tagline promises.

Otherwise, when they open the email and find that there is no real urgency, it will harm your email campaign and leave your audience disappointed.

Final Thoughts

When you apply this knowledge to your email campaign, you are sure to make your email newsletters an inbox success.

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