What Size Storage Lockers Do You Really Need?

When it comes to picking the right North Vancouver Storage Lockers, it can be a difficult decision to make. The pricing difference between a small 5×5 and medium locker 7×4 5×7 is huge, which makes the decision more daunting.

However, while you go to pick the right locker for your storage, you need to go through a long assessment about which one to take. Whether you need temporary storage during the remodelling of your garage or a permanent one, you need to consider a few things. Here is how you can estimate the suitable locker storage unit sizes:

Start with performing an inventory for your belongings:

Before the estimation of storage space needed for your purpose, it is important to assess how much stuff you are having. Start with counting all your boxes and the inventories. It is important to identify the larger items and opt for the right sized-lockers in North Vancouver storage lockers. A good way to keep note of all the inventory is to write it down on paper.

Have an easy calculation of your place: 

Do you require a medium or a large locker 7x9x7? Well, before you pick a storage unit for your inventories, you need to go through two kinds of measurements and opt for the right size.

  • Cubic Feet: Start with multiplying the width, height, and length of your belongings. In case it turns out to be a pile that measures up to 5x5x5 feet, then you are going to need a storage unit as per the length of 75 cubic feet.
  • Square feet: Consider multiplying the length and the width of all the measures of your belongings. In case it reaches up to the length of 5×5 feet like a pile, then you’ll require at least 25 square feet of the storage unit.

storage lockers North Vancouver

Consider various sizes for the storage lockers space:

Before you choose affordable storage lockers for storing all your stuff, it is important to consider all the suitable size holds. Hence have a look:

  • 5’x5’: A 5’x5’ will be capable of holding small furniture, a few boxes, totes, and some other items. Items that are no longer than a 5×5 storage unit will be a great suit for this unit. Especially the smaller storage lockers are suitable for small apartment storage.
  • 5’x15’: This size unit is suitable to contain the stuff of a small 1-bedroom apartment. At the same time, you can store at least 18-20 boxes.
  • 10’x 10’: This unit size will typically hold any of the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment. At the same time, if you have some appliances, they will fit in too.
  • 10’x 15’: It can typically hold the stuff of a small 3-bedroom apartment along with the appliances.
  • 10’x20’: This can typically hold all the essentials of a 4-bedroom home, along with garage contents.

storage lockers North Vancouver

So, after deciding on the size of lockers as per your requirement, opt for top-notch delivery of storage and moving lockers to your doorstep from U-PAK.

Their moving and storage services in North Vancouver with fully secured and monitored climate-controlled warehouses give proper safety. At the same time, they offer quick delivery of lockers to your doorstep at the lowest guaranteed price.

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