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What are the New Trends in Home Flooring

An empty house is a story waiting to be written. Every homeowner’s one of the most crucial decisions is modern home flooring ideas interior which would go with the rest of the interior design. While some like vinyl flooring and hardwood flooring with various textures, marble, tiled, carpeted flooring- it all comes down to what would be in semblance with the rest of the designs of the house, intended use, foot traffic, and of course, cost.

Let’s look at the latest home flooring trends in detail:

1. Hardwood Flooring

Timeless, expensive, and every bit is worth the money and hype. With a variety of wood, pattern, stains to choose from, hardwood flooring can elevate the look of the interior as well keep your home’s resale value in the right direction for being durable home.

Different Types of Hardwood

  • Engineered hardwood: It is durable, pocket-friendly, easy to install. It is constructed with solid wood layers with a veneer of thin plywood or fiberboard, making it more durable than actual wood flooring.
  • White Oak flooring: It provides a luxurious, clean, warm aesthetic on budget. Despite the word ‘white’, it’s darker than maple or red oak.
  • European white oak flooring: It has more grey and yellow undertone than white oak flooring. It is tighter than white oak, making this a sophisticated choice.
  • Cork flooring: Eco-friendly, anti-fatigue, and durable, it is one of the oldest flooring styles. You can balance the hard look of the cork with soft colors in other decors in your home.
  • Fumed wood: Fuming is a coloring process in which the piece of wood is placed under ammonia vapor to bring the natural tannin to the surface. More the tannin, the darker the color it will be.
  • Herringbone and chevron patterns: They give the rooms a larger look than it looks like, it is trending since parquet flooring times. While herringbone patterns end with a 90-degree cut, the chevron pattern ends with an angled cut; they can be designed with wood flooring planks.
  • Wider planks: The chameleon of hardwood flooring, gives a rustic, wider, and open look to rooms.

hardwood flooring

2. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Popular with interior designers for the right reasons- cost-effective, easy maintenance, best for high traffic, and moisture-retaining areas of a home.

Variety of vinyl in trend

luxury vinyl flooring

  • Wood-like vinyl: Wood-looking flooring gives the accent of the farmhouse to contemporary. This extremely versatile in home flooring comes with various textures, such as hand-scraped, wire-brushed, distressed, embossed in register, micro-beveled edges, painted beveled edges. The trending wood-look vinyl species are oak, maple, walnut, acacia, pine, hickory.
  • Stone look vinyl: Don’t spend a fortune on marbles for home flooring, use stone-look luxury vinyl plank flooring instead. It gives a fresh, stylish sheen to your flooring. Trending stone-look LVTs are limestone, marble, slate, travertine, etc.
  • Concrete-look vinyl: An inexpensive lookalike of concrete home flooring, it gives a modern, upscale, industrial look with the right furniture and paint.
  • Decorative and patented vinyl: These are best for bathrooms and kitchens. Designers are using geometric patterns, parquet, natural trellis LVTs to give a vibrant and authentic look for years to come.

3. Laminate Flooring Trends

An excellent replica of a hardwood floor, it is inexpensive, popular, practical, and made with high-density fibreboard (HDF). A high-quality wood print layer gives this a stable core, often paired up with bevels and grains to create a hyper-realistic wood-like effect.

laminate flooring


  • Water-resistant laminate: It is a waterproof, cost-effective alternative to hardwood. Laminate flooring’s surface is waterproof, anyone can DIY install them.
  • American-made: The “made in USA” tag makes homeowners go gaga over them and pay big bucks as well.
  • Stain-resistant laminate: They are the better versions of waterproof laminate. It’s best for homes with kids, if any spillage occurs, just clean immediately to avoid stains.
  • Reclaimed wood-look laminate: Inexpensive, durable reclaimed laminates come from timber, barn, and wine barrels. It gives the look of reclaimed wood, not the essence.
  • Rustic & hand-scraped wood-look laminate: Long, ingrained hand scrapes give the laminates a rare look, competing hand scraped solid hardwood planks both in look and texture.
  • Distressed wood-look: The distressed and weathered look laminates give the character of reclaimed wood. While the weather look features a subtle wire-brushed look, the distressed look presents an appearance of knots, scapes. All of the textures are factory-made.
  • Embossed in register laminate: The most natural-looking laminate, gives the feel and texture of actual wood planks, enhancing the warm, realistic texture of your home on a limited budget.

4. Tiled Flooring Trends

  • Biophilia: Ceramic tiles designs are moving toward a more calming environment, piece of nature, wellness look.
  • Stone cold: The over sized ceramic tiles are used to look like marble and other precious stones without burning pockets.
  • Updated terrazzo: From over sized to small flecks, from small tiles to large slabs, all of them give the retro vibe.
  • High gloss: Comes with high maintenance, these tiles scream glamour and oomph.
  • Oversized: These ceramic tiles give a geometric look to a space. Not high maintenance, perfect for counter tops, shower walls, tables, and other large designs.


Flooring can make or break the aesthetics of your interior. With the best tile flooring, you can transform any room to give a modern, subtle or vibrant, or any contemporary look you want. From vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, marble flooring, laminate flooring, tiled- you can choose anything your pocket and design permits. For Best Tiles and Flooring stores near me, visit website for excellent flooring at competitive prices.

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