Online casinos with blockchain support

Online casinos are a particular area of online gambling that makes big profits all over the world. Keep in mind that the popularity of online casinos has increased over the past few years. However, due to security and reliability issues, users are often skeptical of online gambling and its profits.

Playing Online Casinos with Blockchain Support

To address this situation, Fairspin has offered an online casino platform using blockchain technology. The introduction of blockchain ensures that users can experience an exciting casino experience without any liability.

Fairspin is a licensed casino implementing blockchain technology and its unique integrity control solution.

All games at Fairspin are recorded in smart contracts, which provides transparency in the system. The use of smart contracts allows players to track their deposits and ROI in a blockchain browser.

Fairspin Player Benefits

Here are some of the main benefits Fairspin offers players:

Cryptocurrency deposit

Since the platform is built on blockchain, digital assets are almost certainly used. Use cryptocurrencies to ensure that deposits do not reveal the identity of the owner and remain anonymous.

Fairspin also provides fast payments that banks can’t stop, and the speed of transactions depends on the speed of the blockchain.

Consistent charges

Because the blockchain logs most processed transactions, players can access casino balances anytime. Unlimited, instant withdrawals are possible, routed to anonymous digital currency packages.

Block raffles and generous bonuses/promotions

New players entering the platform will receive a welcome bonus of 30 free spins, and players will also receive bonuses on their first four deposits.

Another benefit for players who may experience a series of bad games and lose their bets is that Fairspin’s allotted cashback is 10% of total losses.

Integrity Control Feature

Fairspin’s integrity control feature is one of the most unique implementations among the various casino servers. Normally, when you place a bet, the casino server stores it, but Fairspin registers it on the blockchain. The verification is highly efficient, and most data remains unidentified, stored in cryptocurrency.

Including responsible gaming

Gambling is an exciting activity, and for some players, gambling can easily get out of hand. Online casino Canada Fairspin rarely mentions its responsible gaming. The company provides responsible gaming practices for players who want to limit their activity on the site.


Overall, the organization is a well-structured platform that takes into account the necessary goals regarding security, rewards, and anonymity.

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