5 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Website

What is WordPress? Well, it is a content management system and a robust tool used to create and manage any website you might have. Several business sites, personal sites, bloggers, eCommerce stores, etc., can take benefit by developing a website using WordPress. Since the platform runs online, designers do not need to download any application or desktop software to use it.

Top 5 Reasons For Designing A Website With WordPress

Once you get a better knowledge of WordPress and what it does, it is time to review the elements that make this platform great. There are various reasons why designers are often fond of using this platform while designing websites.

WordPress CMS is free to set up, deploy, and update. Hundreds and thousands of templates and plugins contribute to the simple and flexible interface, which lowers the deployment type and development costs. LivewireWebSolutions, a Website design Hamilton is equipped with vast knowledge and has years of experience and resources to deliver the best quality websites using WordPress.

Listed below are the five best reasons why WordPress is the designer’s top choice for web designing. This content will probably convince you that this platform is the best CMS.

WordPress CMS

  1. Most Used CMS across the globe

By far, WordPress holds the biggest CMS market and atones for more than a quarter of all websites. Nevertheless, many web design companies are already accustomed to the WordPress CMS, having less staff training while creating a new website.

  1. Open-source with considerable space for expansion

WordPress is self-hosted. However, you don’t need to bear any download, installation, and update expenses. There are fifty thousand plus plugins; most of them are free, like contact forms, slideshows, Search Engine Optimization, and more.

  1. Great flexibility

WordPress has gained popularity as it facilitates the precise requirements of various users with its simple and flexible framework. It helps developers and designers to build and modify applications and layouts. Together with user-generated extensions, websites are now not limited by enterprise additions.

WordPress website

  1. Meant for all not only web developers

Before becoming a popular CMS for website development, WordPress was used by non-tech savvy bloggers. Nevertheless, the majority of the user interface components are user-friendly.

Besides, you can easily find written and recorded guides about website functions. Web design Hamilton can handle far all complexities of setting up and customizing a website. What you need to do is to upgrade the content on web pages, posts, etc.

  1. Pulls down the maintenance and installation costs

WordPress incurs a handful of installation, customization, and maintenance charges considerably compared to other Open Source CMS platforms like Joomla and Drupal.

Furthermore, it is easier to track down website designers and developers if you need more customization or development later on. You will never get locked down by a static site that could be expensive to modify once developed.

Final Words

WordPress is a smart win for enhancing your customer experience. The platform has a solid following all across the globe. Some web developers prefer to use other platforms, but they need to study some precise coding languages and pitch themselves in comparatively less user-friendly surroundings.

WP is an ideal choice for bloggers, business owners, eCommerce stores, and developers with customers. You can not only keep full control over your website, but you can also receive great beneficial tools such as themes, free tools, plugins, and complete media support.

Being is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) is used by several Mississauga web design companies and millions of small business websites are developed using this platform. Hopefully, you might have learned the answer to why to design a website with WordPress. If you still have any further queries, reach out to a reliable and experienced web design company Hamilton, ON.

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