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A simple guide to outdoor furniture care

Taking Care of Your Outdoor Furniture

One of the only disappointments that disrupt the joy of garden or backyard living in the cluttered outdoor furniture. Opting for an outdoor chair replacement cushion is one of the best things to consider, but taking care of the furnishing is equally essential.

While beautifying your outdoor space, you will want to keep all the custom outdoor cushions and pillows, as well as the furnishings, looking fresh and fabulous forever.

Fortunately, maintaining measures for new outdoor cushions and furniture is relatively simple and easy. Right steps into regular cleaning will assure you of many years of elegantly stylish outdoor lounging.

5 best tips for outdoor furniture care

Dirt and dust look like a minor annoyance, but over time, they can damage the structural excellence of the exterior pieces of furnishings, including those custom outdoor cushions and pillows. Caring for them and keeping each piece clean can dramatically affect the lifespan of your outdoor furniture.

Fortunately, there are various tried and tested tricks to protect your furnishings and keep them clean and look lastingly attractive.

outdoor furniture care

You ultimately get a splendid outdoor oasis after spending weeks and months choosing suitable frames, fabrics, finishes, and colours. However, before opting for the new outdoor cushions and pillows, it is ideal for learning a few simple outdoor furniture care tips.

Consider these crucial measures for outdoor furniture care and maintenance and quickly eliminate minor spills, stains, and scratches.

1. Pretreat outdoor furniture before using

As we all know the phrase: “prevention is the best medicine,” many outdoor furnishings and materials like rattan, stone, rock, and teak can be pretreated to sustain their original look and shine and prevent possible damages.

You might have received a user manual with your outdoor furniture while buying. Follow the guide to furniture maintenance and care with the best quality products, techniques, and instructions before using your outdoor chairs and tables.

2. Clear out the trash

Periodically keep on inspecting your furniture for debris, dirt, and dust. Clear away the dust and debris with a dry brush or some soft vacuum attachment.

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This step is significantly crucial to keep the furniture lasting and looking fresh and new for a long. Nevertheless, carry out the process weekly or whenever you find the pieces exposed to dusty components.

3. Wash and clean

Wash each piece of your outdoor furniture as frequently as possible and spot clean the outdoor cushion fabric as needed. While cleaning the furnishing, use warm water – not more than 100 degrees F – mixed with mild cleaning soap.


Not using detergents and other chemical-based soaps will prevent your Bella-Dura, Outdura, and Sunbrella outdoor cushions from getting damaged.

4. Moisture control

Rain, snow, and humidity can have a substantial effect on your outdoor furniture. Prevent mould and mildew by letting the furniture pieces and cushions dry thoroughly after each wash.

For extra protection, place your furniture in an accurately covered porch or gazebo, mainly if you reside in a rainy or snowy climate. Keeping them under the garden shed or in the garage when not being used is the ideal thing to consider.

5. Outdoor furniture covers

Nothing can keep outdoor furnishing lasting like the custom covers. The covering will shield and protect your furniture pieces from corrosive elements and absorb or keep away moisture.

Furniture covers are precisely manufactured to preserve the furniture pieces and maintain their longevity. Regularly before storing, clean the chair and table covers and let the fabric dry thoroughly.

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Keeping your outdoor furniture and custom outdoor cushions and pillows clean does not have to be tedious and intimidating. Periodic cleaning will help you keep your cherished furniture pieces look fresher and lasting.

Even when you are not a good cleaner, go for a quick scrub down with appropriate material on warm days and allow them to dry out in the sunlight. Kicking back in your garden or backyard with an umbrella and your favourite drink will hail your hard work.

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