5 Ideas to Promote Your Sushi Bar on Instagram

Food is the only thing that keeps us sane during rough times. Many people resort to food to comfort themselves when going through a rough patch. And there are many others who are actively looking for new restaurants to try out. And, these kinds of customers are open to trying out local restaurants they discover through social media. You would expect good food to sell itself.

5 Ways to Promote Your Sushi Bar on Instagram

Well, that’s not the case. In fact, you need to be good at advertising your products if you want to sell more. Instagram is one of the best places to do that. In this blog, we will look at how you can smartly advertise your food on Instagram. And, if you have a Sushi bar, lucky for you because these ideas are all aimed at making your Sushi bar the local buzz.

  1. Post attractive pictures

Pictures are an essential part of your marketing campaign. And, conveniently, Sushi is more photogenic than most of us combined. So, it should be easy for you to follow this tip. Opt for a professional photographer to take pics of your Sushi. Attract Sushi lovers by showing how juicy and palatable the food is.

sushi dish

Most of them looking through Instagram are looking for aesthetic images. When you have a bad quality image up on your profile, it is most likely to receive lesser attention. Hence, go for pictures that look clean and appetizing. You can always make use of well-designed restaurant flyer designs you create and post these on your Instagram account too.

  1. Share behind the scenes

Everyone loves a restaurant that follows a neat and sanitary process. Showcase that to your customers. Post stable and good-quality videos or reels to engage with your target audience. You can do something as simple as showing the final garnish or even post a full-on recipe video to attract your audience.

Remember, the more people save your posts, the more Instagram organically promotes them. Hence, give them valuable content while also emphasizing your priority of following a robust sanitary process.

  1. Share user-generated content

If it’s only you talking about your brand, it can get boring pretty quickly. So, one of the best ways to promote your Sushi bar is to share content that your customers tag you on. A simple review will also assure potential customers that you are legit.

Most millennials and Gen Z tend to post what they eat online. And Sushi was actually one of the most popular foods on Instagram, appearing in over 3,200,000 posts last year. Hurry to your ‘Tagged’ section and look for good pictures to share on your story. Be sure to tag the customer to give them the credit!

  1. Use attractive templates

At one point or another, you will realise that you need to do more than just post pictures of your (undoubtedly beautiful) Sushi. You have to create eye-catching Instagram posts using a graphics design platform like PosterMyWall, Adobe, etc.

sushi bar Instagram

PosterMyWall is a good application for you to get started with, It helped us with design as well as with things like social media scheduling and social media publishing. The one thing we like the most about this particular application is it is free to use.

Use short yet catchy text for the images. For example, “Try the heavenly Sushi”, or “Bite on the juicy Sushi”. When you create a post using a template for the first time, try to incorporate only the colors of your brand logo. This can help you create a unique brand aesthetic for all your posts in the future. To stick to consistent branding and your chosen aesthetic, you can also use menu templates that you can easily customize to create your menu designs.

  1. Get help from influencers

Influencers are great for your business. Try to find someone who has a healthy amount of followers. Look for Instagram influencers who are not yet affiliated with any Sushi bars. They promote your product for you on their page.

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This helps you gain a wider audience with very little effort. Moreover, a real person interacting with your product creates trust among your target audience. Making this one of the best ways to promote your Sushi bar.


Don’t just stick to posts and reels. Try using Instagram stories to share useful tips. Create polls to understand your audience better. Plus, go live every once in a while to give them a sense of human touch to your business. If you found these ideas useful, you can always send a pack of Sushi our way to motivate us.

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