ITel and BCLC to Support Lottery Network Services Together

The BC Lottery Corporation has signed a three-year contract with iTel Networks of Kamloops for internet services across the province. The largest single-point internet provider in Canada, iTel will be responsible for bringing internet connections to lottery retailers located in rural areas of BC.

Paving the Way

This agreement between two of the city’s biggest technology companies paves the way for an optimistic future in Kamloops’ tech sector. ITel CEO Danny Rink feels that the partnership is another clear picture of technological market growth in the area, saying, “Having lived in Kamloops for most of my life, I am deeply invested in this community, both personally and professionally.

Giving Back

The deal to expand internet services in BC isn’t the first time these two tech giants have crossed paths. A non-profit agency in North Kamloops called the Kamloops Innovation Centre (KIC) hosts programs to help technology startups, the agency has received support from both tech giants in the past. Having been founded by Rink in 2012, KIC’s on-site Innovation Lab was envisioned by BCLC and assists growing local tech companies.

KIC executive director Lincoln Smith commented on the impact the companies had, saying, “Diversification into technology for B.C.’s regional economies requires the active participation of its large technology employers. ITel Networks and BCLC have demonstrated to be those catalysts in the community. Both of these corporate leaders are directly and indirectly helping to create the ecosystem in Kamloops where new technology-enabled businesses can start up and thrive.”

Working Together


BCLC granted the contract to iTel after an official Request for Proposal in August 2019 and a public procurement process, enthusiastically choosing the telecom aggregator for the network services. Vice President of Business Technology and Head Information Officer, Pat Davis, spoke on the deal, saying, “Given the breadth of our network, iTel checked off all the boxes we had on our list. Its unique ability to support our remote network requirements provided an efficient solution to meet our business needs. We’re pleased to work with an organization that shares our support for expanding the local tech business.” – Read the full article.

Betting on a New Strategy

Weeks before the contract was declared BCLC underwent a strategic reorganization, announcing changes to their inner structure and highlighting a new corporate plan. The BCLC has reimagined two new divisions: a centralized lottery and online casino department and a consolidated marketing and UX department.

Earlier this year, BCLC voiced support for changes to Canada’s Criminal Code that would allow single-event sports betting. Not the first bill to propose these kinds of changes, Bill C-218 saw its first reading in the House of Commons in February but will most likely not see any further action for some time because of a prolonged parliament. Should Bill C-218 pass in Canada, however, there certainly would be some stake in it for BCLC.

Investing In The Future

Now that a deal has been reached, it’s up to iTel to deliver its superior single-point internet services to the more remote areas of BC. There’s no word on the timeline for this task, but as the largest internet aggregator in Canada and the go-to provider in Kamloops, the results are sure to be top-notch.

Danny Rink of iTel continued his comment on the partnership, saying, “I am excited that we have built iTel over the last 12 years to be an organization that can support the vast and robust network needs of an enterprise organization like BCLC, and by doing so, iTel can continue to invest in the community and help further grow the Kamloops tech sector.”

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