10+ Free Brochure Maker Tools to Create Professional Brochures

Brochures are the easiest way to introduce your business to your targeted audience. It has everything related to your business, including your aim and mission. If designed well, then your brochures will attract many customers to you. For new start-ups, brochures are the best mode of advertisement. In the case of being a budget constraint, the company can take an online brochure maker’s help.

With the help of online tools, brochure designing has become a matter of a few minutes. You can get very attractive brochure designs online at a minimal cost. The whole process of having a brochure is easy and quick.

The only issue with an online brochure maker is to find a suitable one. The virtual world has so many brochure makers, and choosing one from them is a huge task; instead of checking out all the online apps to make brochures grab the details of the most popular one and choose one of them.

To make your search for an online brochure maker quick, we have shortlisted more than ten brochure maker tools. We have mentioned their qualities here. Check them out and choose the one most suitable for your requirement.

Best Free Brochure Maker tools to Create Professional Brochures

A professional brochure is like a virtual sales executive. It can introduce your company to your potential customers and also make their mind to work with you. So it is an important advertising tool for you, and it has to be the best. The brochure you choose for your company must be good enough to carry a good image and vision.

Here is the list of best brochure making tools on which you can rely. All the tools mentioned here are pro in the work they do so, let’s know about the top brochure maker tools to find one to give a professional look to your company;

1. Designhill

Designhill brochure maker

Designhill received an average of 4.98 ratings from its users. The ratings itself signifies how good the app is for brochure making. Here you can design your brochure in less than 5 minutes. You will get a printable brochure design on the website which is compatible with any customization.

Designhill also offers an AI-Powered tool to design your brochures. In case you are stuck somewhere, which is very rare, it also offers you 24*7 customer support.

2. Lucidpress


Lucidpress claims that it makes the complete procedure of creating a brochure easy, and when you visit their website, it looks true. The signup process is quick, and to complete this, all you need is your mail-id. The brochures’ templates are easy to find here, and you can have a customized one by dragging and dropping the pictures.

3. Brother Creative Centre

Brother Creative Centre

Here you can create your business brochure in just a few steps and free of cost. On this website, you can also create a business card and posters. It can be a one-stop solution for all your business advertisement needs. You can also learn about papercraft and many other activities here.

4. My Creative Shop

My Creative Shop

It is another portal where you can create your online brochure free of cost and easy steps. It just takes only five steps to create an attractive and eye-catching brochure here. The website has various templates so that you can choose one of them for your business.

5. Print



The website offers various services, including brochure making, calendar creation, and many others. If you want to opt for a brochure making tool, you can search for a suitable design from many templates on this website.

6. Vistaprint


You can download a perfect design for your brochure from here. The attractive design available on the website can allow you to show your vision through templates. Here you can get everything that can add some value to your brand.

7. FlippingBook


To enhance the reach of your business to more customers, all you need is an attractive brochure. At FlippingBook, you can get the same, and that free of cost. The website has a few designs available free of cost. You can give a personal touch to the brochure by customizing it.

8. JukeBox


You can make your online brochure free here with some out of box brochure templates. You can tell the customers about your company and its work in a stylish way by picking any available template on the website.

The website offers you three types of brochures; no fold, half-fold, and tri-fold. Choose a unique brochure template according to your business’s nature from here and start approaching your customers.

9. Printing For Less

Printing For Less

Create your professional brochure here to escalate the reach of your business every day. You will get loads of options here to design your business. You will also have an option to change it as per your business requirement. This online brochure making tool gives you a professional brochure free of cost.

10. Pablo


The website offers you many brochure designs that you can download after the required customization. Almost every business needs a brochure to educate its customer about their vision. But the challenge is to have an attractive brochure at a minimal range. The online brochure making tool offers this service to businesses.

11. Pub HTML5


Another digital brochure maker in the list is Pub HTML5. Its website’s first look assures you that the elegance of its website is the same elegance you will get in your brochure.

You can download the brochure maker on any operating system and convert your brochure’s pdf copy into an attractive online brochure. The only con with this free brochure maker is that it needs a pdf file, and based on the information on the file, it creates a brochure.

12. Publitas


Publitas is another online brochure maker that needs a pdf file as input. Based on the data given in the pdf, the website prepares a brochure. It works well on desktop and mobile both. The website gives results quickly, and here no third-party ads will bother you. So, visit the website to make your make free brochure online.

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