Justice for Jacob Blake

Justice for Jacob Blake has turned into a battle of the streets in Chicago. As #JacobBlake was being tased and shot from behind several times at very close range by officers in Kenosha, WI on On August 23, 2020, he desperately wanted to go back home and wait for his family. Instead, he was dragged out of a car and tased in the face until he lost consciousness.

The shooting of Jacob Blake

Jacob Blake, an American 29-year-old black man, had been stopped by officers for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was also suspected of stealing some property and the officers decided to pull him over. Once they did, they asked him if he had any weapons in the car. When Jacob answered “no” and went back inside the vehicle, the officers began tasing and shooting him at point-blank range in the back. He died later at the hospital.

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Jacob was an amazing man and the community wants justice for Jacob. His family and friends are demanding justice for their loved one and want them to be compensated adequately so that they can pay for the funeral expenses and for their financial needs while Jacob is in heaven.

His lawyers say that there were at least eight shots that Jacob received and that each time the officers fired the gun they should have had a better view of what they were doing. Also, the officers stated that the man was hit as he was moving back into the car, yet his lawyer says that his client was on his hands and knees going back inside the car.

A group of people gathered around the police station and demanded justice for Jacob. A representative from the Chicago police union called on the local news media to “stop using his son’s death as a means to further our political agenda.” Jacob’s death has sparked a national conversation about police brutality and racial profiling and it is the perfect opportunity for citizens to voice their concerns.

I want change’: Jacob Blake’s family pleads for justice. Family of Blake

Police departments across the country have begun investigating the officers involved in the shooting and tasing of Jacob. His lawyer claims that the video of the incident shows what he calls an unreasonable use of force since the officer who shot him never had a chance to check on Jacob before the shooting occurred.

Jacob Blake’s father says son’s paralyzed from the waist down after police shooting in Kenosha

He says that Jacob was unarmed and moving toward the driver when the car when the officer opened fire. This is obviously not true as Jacob had no weapon in the car and he was not attempting to escape but instead trying to help the driver out by providing assistance.

The family is asking for the community to help them get justice for Jacob and are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the officer that fired the fatal shot. Jacob’s family also wants a federal investigation into police brutality. People in Chicago and across the country must take a stand and demand justice for Jacob.

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