Know What Role Does a General Contractor Play?

A general contractor – also referred to as GC – is an individual in a commercial construction project responsible for monitoring and controlling the building project’s day-to-day operations. General contractors, however, handle the entire construction project right from the initial phase to the completion. Also, they are responsible for supplying the material, equipment, and labor.

Responsibilities of a Commercial Contractors in Mississauga, ON

For any small fixes or repairs to your office, you will undoubtedly call the respective trade-specific contractors, such as roofers, plumbers, electricians, etc. to come and handle the job.

Nevertheless, when it comes to ample renovation or new construction project, you will need the assistance of various technically specialized subcontractors. It can be overwhelming to handle things on your own. That is where commercial contractors Mississauga, Ontario gets in the game.

General contracting services handle workplace activities, dealers and vendors, time limits, and budgets. If you are still in awe about what roles GCs play in commercial building construction or renovation project, here are a few most crucial responsibilities you can review.

Project Designing

As you might have reviewed before, general commercial contractors are responsible for the monitoring and managing entire building construction-related work on the project site. The contractors need to pre-plan each of the essential project growth and details of execution to ensure the successful handling of any complex elements that form the project ecosystem.


The job of a contractor involves various factors, for example, estimating several issues, like the requirement of personnel or workers, equipment and materials; foreseeing various unexpected changes; focusing on each legal and regulatory requirements and jobs; designing an effective safety policy; and ultimately implementing a trusted communication between all concerned parties.

Handles day-to-day activities

Commercial GCs are responsible for managing all day-to-day operations at the building site. They give particular attention to keeping all occupied tradespeople and will also be responsible for maintaining the project site clean and safe.

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Equips project requirements

Before starting a project, the GCs need to arm themselves with sufficient resources to handle the initial phase of the process. Based on the details and quotes established during the planning phase, the contractors may ask you for adequate funds to equip all required needs.


The usual project needs include a highly trained, well-experienced, and skilled workforce for all specialized and technical jobs, accredited subcontractors to deal with several technical trades and crafts, an appropriate supply of material and construction equipment.

Supply required construction equipment and materials

A commercial general contractor supplies all equipment and materials needed for any construction project. A contractor will ensure that the materials used in the project are of the best quality keeping the customers’ budget in mind. Moreover, they will ensure that the materials supplied show up on the right expected time and in good condition.

Employs subcontractors

commercial-contractor-MississaugaGCs will hire technically expert subcontractors to handle the project’s respective parts, such as painters, plumbers, electricians, etc.

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During an ongoing project, the contractors are responsible for coordinating each subcontractor to make them maintain the given task. Furthermore, they will also convey essential data and information from you to the subcontractor and visa versa.

Manages legal responsibilities

The commercial contractors are accountable for the compliance of the construction project with all legal and regulatory requirements. They will need to acquire all the required licenses and permits before moving forward with the project.

Royalties and fees for using any application, designs, processes, goods, or apparatus are subjected to a specific amount of copyright fees. Paying these patent fees is also a part of the responsibilities of a GS. The contractors should also regularly pay taxes in line with the set state and federal laws and regulations.

Verifies the deadline, budget, and standard of the work

General contractors ensure that the job is done is of the very best quality, within the timeframe, and within the specified budget. Performing regular scheduled check-ins, they verify that every aspect of the project functions smoothly right from the initial phase to the completion.

Keeps customers updated

General commercial contractors keep customers updated with timely project reports. Contractors are the primary contact to the customers that keep them informed about everything happening on the site. From the consultation phase to the project completion, GCs work with the customers to guide them about each stage.

Looks after health and safety policy

Every building construction project needs to have a firm safety policy to guarantee health and safety on the project site. They should sign qualified, experienced, and skilled professional representatives to ensure uniformity with all legal and on-site security. The security policy consists of effective hazard programs, risk management, emergency response systems, and other preventative and proactive workplace security mechanisms.

health and safety

If you in need of a general contractor in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Barrie, New Market, Richmond Hill, Oshawa, Kitchener / Waterloo, and surrounding areas, Build Max a 20+ years-old is the right company for your building construction project. It is crucial to hire only the specialized professionals to manage the day-to-day supervision of the project site, manage the vendors, and communicate with all concerned people involved.

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