Is Tungsten Stronger than Titanium?

Ask anyone interested in jewelry about how popular Tungsten and Titanium have been gaining popularity in several years. These metals have hypo allergenicity, durability, shine, strength, and natural beauty. However, if you are thinking about whether is Tungsten stronger than Titanium, or which is the stronger metal, then keep reading. Today in this blog, we will discuss is Tungsten stronger than Titanium as well as the uses of Tungsten heavy alloys.

What Makes Tungsten Stronger than Titanium?

What is Tungsten?

Before giving you the answer to whether is Tungsten stronger than Titanium, let’s discuss what is Tungsten (and Tungsten carbide). Tungsten is also popular as Swedish heavy metal. It is also one of the toughest metals across the globe. The metal is naturally dense and hard to find. When in its pure form, Tungsten looks similar to silver.

What is Tungsten carbide?

Tungsten carbide is a mixture of Tungsten and carbon atoms equally. In its most basic form, this mixture of Tungsten looks similar to gray powder. This powder can be processed and turned into shapes by pressing. So, now you know what is Tungsten (and Tungsten carbide)? Let’s take a look at what is Tungsten used for.

What is Tungsten used for?

Being a naturally shiny, beautiful, and heavy metal, Tungsten is often used in making jewelry such as rings. This is perfect for people who are looking for a strong metal to make a promise ring or even like a weighted feeling on their finger.

Tungsten’s unique properties make it ideal for usage in electronics and light bulb manufacturing. Tungsten carbide is also used for making dental drills and other medical equipment. Other than this, Tungsten carbide is used for making dental drills and other medical equipment as well.

Rings made with heavy Tungsten alloys also tend to attract people who are not generally interested in jewelry.

Tungsten vs. Titanium

Both Tungsten and Titanium have become quite popular for making jewelry and other equipment that require tough metal to produce. Although at first glance, they tend to look similar to each other, both have very distinctive qualities.

  • Composition

– Tungsten: One can make Tungsten carbide after heating Tungsten and carbon atoms of equal weight at a very high temperature.

– Titanium: Titanium alloy is a combination of pure Titanium, tin, aluminum, and vanadium. This combination turns into aircraft-grade material, which is so strong.

However, both Tungsten and Titanium are hypoallergenic metals that are resistant to tarnishing.

  • Colour

– Tungsten: It comes in a metallic gray colour which looks great for a ring. However, one can polish it and get a silver shine to make more elegant jewelry.

– Titanium: Similar to Tungsten, Titanium also comes in metallic gray colour. One can polish it and make it shiny similar to silver.

  • Durability

– Tungsten: It is one of the hardest metals available. It is used in medical equipment and applications that require tough metals for production.

– Titanium: On the other hand, Titanium has far lesser scratch resistance than Tungsten. It is still one of the toughest metals available. Being less scratch resistant does not mean it will break any easier.

  • Weight

– Tungsten: Being one of the heaviest metals on earth, Tungsten is far heavier than Titanium

– Titanium is so much lighter than Tungsten.

Where do you find Tungsten in Russia?

There are 2 mines in Russia that are currently extracting Tungsten in Russia:

1. Lednikovy-Sarmaka mine

2. Urzarsaiskoye mine

Russia extracts over 6.5% of the world’s total Tungsten supply. China is the leader with 83% of the Tungsten metal extraction.

Some Myths about Tungsten and Titanium

Engraving is not possible on Tungsten and Titanium: 

It is a myth. Engraving is possible on Tungsten and Titanium metals even though they are one of the toughest materials.

Jewelry made by them can cause skin discoloration:

This is another myth that has been going around. These two are quite safe to use as jewelry.

Tungsten or metals cannot break:

Do you think Tungsten or other metals cannot break? High pressure can bend or break these metals.

Final Thought

If you are thinking about getting yourself or a loved one jewelry made from one of these pretty metals, then go for it. Besides being cheaper than silver and gold, these also look prettier and can last for decades. You can reach out to Agescan Tungsten experts to get more information.

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