When to Buy Maternity Clothes

When pregnant, wearing maternity clothes may be a comfortable and enjoyable way to show off your style. However, depending on a variety of reasons, different people start wearing maternity clothing at different times. By 20 weeks, you’ll almost certainly wear them, but it may happen much earlier.

When should you start wearing maternity clothes?

Here is a breakdown of when many expectant mothers begin dressing in maternity clothes Canada.

First Pregnancy

Women expecting their first child will often be ready to start using maternity attire in the second trimester, typically between 16 and 20 weeks.

However, it’s vital to remember that everyone is unique, and many variables might influence when you, specifically, will need to purchase maternity clothing.
Here are some things to remember:

If you discover sooner than expected that you require maternity clothing, it’s not a negative thing! Making it to a date in your usual clothing is not nearly as crucial as being comfortable. (If you are one of the select few ladies who never end up requiring them, don’t worry about it.)

You’ll require maternity clothing sooner if you expect more than one child. You can switch off official maternity apparel for a little longer if your closet already contains many loose-fitting garments.

As you start your second trimester (14 weeks), get some basic maternity clothes ready when you need them.

Second Pregnancy

Typically, during your second and any following pregnancies, you will need to start wearing maternity clothes earlier. If you’re expecting a second child, you could require maternity clothing between the middle and the end of the first trimester or between 8 and 12 weeks.

However, there are still a few crucial factors to consider when determining whether or not to purchase additional maternity clothing.

Each pregnancy is unique – Although some women’s bodies carry their children the same way during each pregnancy, others may have a drastically different experience when they get pregnant again.

The lovely maternity clothing hanging in your wardrobe may no longer fit you if your baby bump is larger or lower than it was during your previous pregnancy.

Seasonal variations – Unless your due date falls within the same season, and your pregnancy wardrobe will probably require a few more items to accommodate the weather!

Have fun – Even if you need everything, adding a few new maternity clothing items to your wardrobe is a simple way to add more fun to your pregnancy.

You can hold on to purchasing most of your new clothes until you realize you need them in your second pregnancy, as long as you have a few essentials.

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Is 14 weeks too early for maternity clothes?

When compared to future pregnancies, the bump usually “pops” a little later in first pregnancies. Even in the early stages of pregnancy, it’s simple for first-time mothers to become enthusiastic about being pregnant and flaunting their bellies.

Avoid the temptation to begin shopping for maternity clothing within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. You might want to gather your stuff at the beginning of your second trimester when your belly starts to shape.

When to start wearing a maternity bra?

When it comes to pregnancy, every woman goes through a different path. You could notice that your breasts alter in size and form throughout pregnancy. You might eventually need to invest in a new, minimally padded maternity feeding bra.

When to start wearing a maternity bra? In brief, the answer is- the time you observe your breasts rising in size. Your chest may expand without limitation, thanks to isheshop maternity bras. The flexibility overall is just what you need, especially in the first trimester.

Where to buy maternity clothes in Canada?

Quality maternity clothes are available from a broad selection of maternity stores, big and small, offline and online. When deciding where to buy maternity clothes in Canada, consider your spending limit, preferences, wardrobe demands, and lifestyle. is fast emerging as one of the preferred destinations for mothers and mothers-to-be. It’s a one-stop destination to buy stylish and comfortable maternity clothes in Canada.

Along with maternity wears, iSheShop also offers a range of maternity pants, shorts, tights, yoga pants, tops, blouses, t-shirts, undergarments such as feeding bras, pyjamas, underwears, silicone bibs and accessories and other products that make life easy while enjoying motherhood.

Final thoughts

There is no such thing as maternity clothes that fit everyone perfectly. In actuality, there are several approaches to clothing your pregnant figure. The decision is yours whether you carefully choose your pregnancy clothes from specialty maternity stores or assemble them with what you already own. The most crucial factor is feeling good and at ease in your clothes.

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