People Still Loves Handmade Furniture

Why is Handmade Furniture Better than Machine Made?

You’ve been sitting on that old chair and eating at the same table since your college days. You can’t remember if grandma bought it for you or dad did. But the point is, you need a new dining set. Now that you can practically afford anything, you’re facing a glut of choices.

You remember something from your architectural history course about handmade furniture products during the Craftsman era. But you can’t remember if they were actually better.

A lot of the stores you’ve been to push factory-made furniture.┬áSo, which is better, handmade furniture or factory-made furniture? Let’s sit down and talk about it.

Advantage of Factory-Made Furniture

As the economy’s picked up over the past few years, so has the furniture business. Mass production of furniture has increased in market size by 2.9% per year over the past three.

But does the popularity of mass-produced furniture mean it’s somehow superior to the custom-handmade stuff? The answer to this question depends on what you actually want.

Here are a few benefits of factory-made furniture:

Quality Assurance:

At a manufacturing plant, the furniture goes through a rigorous inspection process. Multiple eyes have seen and examined the furniture before it goes into the box.

Where this might break down is in shipping and store handling. If you can get a good set that is an intact box that’s never been opened, you’re likely to get a sturdy product.

Price Point:

For the amount of money you spend, you certainly get some life out of factory-made. Think of the per-year cost of owning a $700-1000 furniture set from the factory vs. a $6,000-10,000 handcrafted set.

Are you going to be moving a lot? Are you only going to keep your set for four to five years and get something else? You might want to go with factory-made.

Easy Disassembly:

If you’re going to be moving a lot, factory-made furniture will be easier to move. You can disassemble and reassemble it. This makes it easier to get into tight spaces.

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Hands of craftsman carve with a gouge in the hands-on the workbench in carpentry

Advantage of Handmade Furniture

You remember that the craftsman era was a time when people valued quality. But at the same time, you could order a whole house from the Sears catalogue and have it shipped and assembled.

So, were the people back then wiser? Let’s look at some benefits of handmade.


Did you just purchase your house? Are you going to be there for at least 30 years? You might want to consider handmade.

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Yes, it’s more expensive, but if you’re married and planning on children, even your grandchildren will enjoy this furniture.

Try dividing $6,000 by thirty. That’s only $200 a year. And you’ll have this furniture even longer than that.


Mass-produced furniture is a dime a dozen. You get what the manufacturer gives you.

If you’re wanting something that specifically fits your taste, you want to go with handmade. You can choose from hundreds of stains, fabrics, finishes, wood grains, etc. There are thousands of configurations to choose from as well.

Holds Value:

This is an investment. Even if your grandkids sell it, they’re going to make money on this furniture.

You’ll get years of use out of it and it will retain its value.

Handmade Furniture Wins!

When it comes to lasting value, handmade furniture obviously wins out. But factory furniture does have its place in some homes which are pocket-friendly. If you’re prepared to make an investment and want to remodel your home, search for handmade furniture near you, or visit today!

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