Most Popular Post Templates on Instagram to Look Out

If you are a brand or business that wishes to strengthen its online presence via Instagram and are wondering how to do so via impressive post templates, you are at the right place. Through the course of this article, we will elaborate on the most trending template designs for Instagram post templates from 2020 till now.

Even if you use Instagram for a non-commercial purpose but want to ramp up your Instagram game by putting out impressive posts on your daily feed you can benefit from these templates.

So if you are excited to explore all the interesting graphic designs for 2021 like logo design, t-shirt design etc. then keep on reading. We have included apt and hassle-free ways to include in your social strategy that will ensure a lift up in your overall Instagram aesthetic moving forward.

Several trends are highly popularized and followed by millions of users on Instagram. Yet for the past months of 2021, some trends have remained consistent and garnered constant engagement and talk from the users. We have mentioned below some of those trends for your reference and how you can implement them in easy ways without being technologically advanced.

  1. Grainy gradients

If you’re an active user on Instagram you know that there’s no doubt in the fact that colour gradients have turned into a few of the most sought after and implemented Instagram designs in recent times.

Gradient refers to a smooth colour transition made in designs, generally utilized in filling out background spaces. This template is most commonly used in memes and quotes.

In 2021, we have observed the gradient trend being inclined towards a grainier application. This trend can easily be attained by layering a flawless colour gradient with the aid of two varying filters through image editing apps.

Instagram story template

Application of the Trend – These gradients can be formed from scrape with the assistance of proficient applications or software such as Designhill.

Reputed companies like this make it easier for clients to manage and create appealing and eye-catching templates that are in trend periodically apart from providing several other benefits.

  1. Practical references

Entering in 2021, we have observed the boundary between Instagram and real-life to diminish even further. Ranging from street signs to physical newspaper promotions, this trend is based upon incorporating daily interaction mediums into the digital world.

The thought behind this trend is frequently intentionally nostalgia-inducing, with strong references to the years passed, and might even be suggestive in doing so.

Application of the Trend – One of the simplest methods to implement this trend is by altering a real-life photograph. You can use any photo editing app to flawlessly blur out portions of an image, and introduce new lines of text/quotes.

funny Instagram post templates
Instagram Post Templates by Crello


  1. Colour overcrowding in the feed

If you’re interested in drawing new followers this year, this graphic design allows you to let your creative juices flow. This colour blocking attempts at making your Instagram framework appear more professional and unified which appeals to newcomers and is an efficient technique to persuade users to start following your profile.

  1. Moodboard Collection Grid

Credits to the impressive design apps these days, collage templates have seen a sudden uprising and have flooded the Instagram feed.

If you’re wondering the reason behind this sudden trend then let us explain. These designs are very flexible and work with almost every photograph, background, font, or texture, heightening its versatility and attracting creators to experiment with it.

This year moving forward, we can expect to see more of this eye-catching trend as it continues to garner the likes and engagement of the users online.

Creators have started including hand-drawn lines, shapes, and doodles along with text to give this trend their personalized touch.

  1. Creative Quotes

Quotes on Instagram aren’t a new concept, and they seem to be a trend that’s going to stick around for a long time.

These last 12 months from the onset of the pandemic turned out to be more taxing than anyone had expected and quotes (especially inspiring) had an exceptional capacity to unite people and calm anxieties.

Other famous sub-trends related to this one consist of bigger fonts that occupy the full screen, and recurring statements of reassuring text being implemented for a louder, more animated purpose. This trend is based on expressing the feeling of your viewers via design.


Staying updated and keeping up with all the upcoming trends is an efficient technique to maintain the relevancy and freshness of your brand or on Instagram Business.

You should remember that all these trends have a personalized touch and context to your brand and its values while aligning with your overall aesthetics.

To ensure the unsurpassed outcomes, constantly revise and evaluate your plans for Instagram Post Templates in advance using professional assistance tools and software.

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