Modern Faces Of Graphic Design

Modern graphic design is a huge zone in which imagination and creativity are applied to a variety of structures. Here you shall learn the diverse purposes for which graphic design can be used lucratively. This piece of content shows a variety of purposes of graphic designs like mascots, tutorials, posters, animation and much more.

What is Graphic design?

Graphic design basically refers to the use of graphics or visual elements such as images, fonts, pictures, colours, shades, lines and curves, etc. A lot of these visual elements are combined together to make stunning graphic designs.

All these elements are combined in such a manner that they are capable of conveying a message to the audience. Graphic designers make these elements functional and useful.

Modern graphic design has set its feet into almost all spheres of human life. Visual communication is built-in books, posters, flyers,  mobile applications, web content, educational purposes and whatnot. All this to solve problems and make life easier.

Directions of Graphic Design

There are numerous directions in which graphic designers can put their creativity. This would help in solving problems and also making them easier and better.

So, the graphic design directions include-

  • Identity (logo designing and branding)
  • Editorial design
  • Illustration
  • Icons and pictographs
  • Typography
  • Interface designs and component
  • Infographics
  • Print Advertisements
  • Posters and Billboards
  • Signs
  • Packaging

There are vast fields into which graphic designers can dive in. There are a lot of options that can be chosen for making good use of their creativity. In all these fields, art is used to give birth to graphic designs which are used for a purpose.

In modern times, the graphic design term is itself associated with digital content and digital devices. It is getting more and more technological by day. Modern graphic designing has a lot of purposes to offer.

It not only makes a physical or digital object beautiful but users are also assisted in how to use, navigate content.  Graphic designs guide viewers in a beautiful manner and have problem-solving benefits too.

Is Graphic Design an Art?

Well, mostly graphic designers do not consider themselves artists. Art is basically appreciated and popular for its beauty, emotional appeal and aesthetic value.

But these qualities are not the basic need and expectations from graphic designs. Graphic design is something creative as well as useful in problem-solving. They are basically designed to attain a particular objective.

It has been found by examination, investigation and testing that illustrations or graphic designs make things easier and give your clients a positive experience while interacting with a brand. In graphic design, art and functionality combine to solve problems and issues to make life easier.

Graphic design services

Purposes of Graphic Design

In the modern world, graphic design has lots of purposes to offer. These purposes are mentioned below-

  • Identify

Identify specifically includes logo and branding. Thus, it is used for branding purposes. The main purpose of this is to build a strong branding strategy. There are numerous things to be kept in mind while designing graphics in this field.

This includes combining specific features like target audience, psychology of colours, shapes, graphic design trends, the goal of brand, laws and rules of art, market situation and much more.

Graphic designers have created lots of logos that have been successful in proving that even a small symbol has lots of say in a brand’s strategy.

It is used on numerous things like on print work (such as posters, brochures, business cards, notecards, documents, etc), interface design (this basically includes everything digital like blogs, websites, apps, etc), items of the brand(promotional products, notebooks, cups, etc) and much more.

Designers’ work is to create a masterpiece by keeping all essentials in mind while designing. The image, fonts, colours, gradients, etc are thought about clearly to portray in such a manner that values and message of the brand are readily depicted. Designer’s talent and skills along with the use of art create visual designs with deep meanings.

  • Beautify the Work

Graphic designing is prevalent in a lot of fields these days. Graphic design items are being used in advertising, books covers, cartoons, packaging, photos and a lot of other things.

No matter how useful it is, your product must be appealing to the eyes of your viewers. With such a huge competition, it is believed that your product should look stunning and attractive to users. This will lead them to choose your product instead of choosing your competitors’.

So, graphic designing plays an important role here in beautifying the work of companies and making it visually appealing as well as useful. Graphic design can be applied in various things like small icons, illustrations, design and mascots.

graphic designing

  • Sets The Theme

The theme of a product can be set by using various graphic design techniques as well as a variety of different approaches. This is made possible with the help of visual elements.

A good graphic design not only conveys the message of the brand through its products but also builds communication using visual elements, fonts, background, images, colours, shapes, icons, illustrations, etc.

These stylistic approaches connect with users and inform the users about the features and level of the products. Also, it appeals to the emotions of the audience building an emotional connection with them.

The way your products look will majorly affect how viewers see the product. Especially the first impression should be effective enough to grab the attention of viewers.

  • Easy Navigation

Navigation can be enhanced by the use of graphic elements. Along with it, it also enhances usability. Easy navigation has a high impact on conversions and retains the readers and viewers.

It helps in building an easy flow while using a website or app. And graphic elements majorly affect this experience. If graphic elements are removed from the picture, no one would read those long texts and just vanish away.

Graphic elements make the content look visually appealing and interesting. A good composition of such elements along with valuable information builds a great website or app.

  • Guiding Audience

Graphic design is being used in almost every field of life. It has huge demand and use in print, as well as interfaces, tutorials, tips, guides, manuals, etc. it helps, is saving a lot of precious time. This is because instead of typing a thousand words use a picture instead. A picture paints a thousand words. So, it saves time as well as resources.

Graphics for guiding and explaining are designed with a thorough understanding of the target audience. By learning the desires and demands of the target audience, graphic designs can be created that appeal to viewers emotionally and connect them with the brand. Also, it makes the user experience better as well as builds the business.

  • Usage of Characters

Graphic designing uses are so immense and diverse. You can even create cartoony creatures for serving your own needs.

If the element of personification is applied, the user experience gets enhanced, positive brand image and recognition increase.

Creating mascots is so popular these days because of these reasons. It has become an important part of design strategy.

graphic design trends

These mascots are designed on the basis of the needs, demands and expectations of the target audience. Other than this, a thorough knowledge of graphic trends and market situations is required.

Using these mascots builds a connection with the audience, retains them and leads them into performing the desired actions.

They are a stylish approach that catches the attention of users, increases memorability, livens up the whole process and also, makes the users feel as if they are having direct communication with the brand.

  • Be Stylish

Boring copy does not sell. The other most important use and purpose of graphic designing are making your work stylish and visually appealing. Along with various things mentioned above, typography is another.

Using the write typeface for your content will send exact signals that you wish to send. It makes your copy seem legit as well as readable. Also, it looks attractive and visually appealing. Brand fonts are used to do the necessary branding. In addition to this, it makes content unique and original.

The Internet is brimming with uncountable platforms that help you create such amazing graphic designs to use for any of the above purposes or more. These platforms include GraphicSprings, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Designhill, Wix, etc.

Some of these allow you to open up and let your creativity do all of the work. While the others help out if you think creativity might not be your best quality. Platforms like Designhill and Canva are filled with graphic design templates.

These Designhill templates can be used for designing, creating logos, business cards, brochures and much more. It does not require you to spend much time and yet the work will be done beautifully.


Graphic designing offers a lot of purposes and helps in reaching multiple goals. Using this approach makes work unique, memorable and visually appealing.

Also, it has made life easier than it was before. Graphic design elements also boost usability, builds a positive experience of a brand and strengthens the brand strategy. Various problems can be solved using graphic designing with a proper composition of art and creativity.

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